Director's Desk
  Sunil Dwivedi
  (Director, NIT)

Today information technology is recognized as a frontier area of knowledge and also vertical enabling tool for assembling processing and education. IT (Information Technology) is the super power to the world. IT education should requires high quality professional structure. IT Computer has been running under the Government. Through the Computer literacy program we ensure that our student learn more or more and prove it that everything is possible to the life, We done it. Our strong efficient dedicated and capable offer the student to move forward. I am sure that our student can meet any demand and challenge that the employee may have on them. I wish then great success in all their efforts and brighten your future.



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  • 09May
Summer School 2017

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  • 09May

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  • 01Jun

Session 2018-19 ADSM Entrance Test Examination April-2018

What’s Student Say ?

Anurag Patel
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Sandeep Maurya
Marketing Head
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Prachi Jaiswal
DTP Course Student
NiT Computer is Best Training Center for DTP Course and